Command Changes in DD OS Version 5.4

posted Nov 18, 2014, 1:59 PM by Sachchida Ojha
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scsitarget : The scsitarget command includes a full set of options for managing a SCSI target subsystem configuration on a single-node Data Domain system and on systems licensed
for Extended Retention. The scsitarget command is not supported on Global Deduplication Arrays (GDAs).

The SCSI target subsystem configuration comprises several SCSI target entities:
  1. services (VTL and DD Boost)
  2. transports (Fibre Channel)
  3. endpoints (such as VTL tape drives)
  4. logical devices
  5. host initiators
  6. access groups
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These are the options used with the scsitarget command:
  1. device
  2. disable
  3. enable
  4. endpoint
  5. group
  6. initiator
  7. persistent-reservation
  8. reset
  9. service
  10. show
  11. status
  12. trace
  13. transport
See the EMC DD OS Command Reference Guide for more information about using the scsitarget command and its associated options.
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