posted Jan 20, 2014, 2:13 PM by Sachchida Ojha
gpadmin=# \d gp_toolkit.gp_param_settings_seg_value_diffs
View "gp_toolkit.gp_param_settings_seg_value_diffs"
Column | Type | Modifiers 
psdname | text | 
psdvalue | text | 
psdcount | bigint | 
View definition:
SELECT gp_param_settings.paramname AS psdname, gp_param_settings.paramvalue AS psdvalue, count(*) AS psdcount
FROM gp_toolkit.gp_param_settings() gp_param_settings(paramsegment, paramname, paramvalue)
WHERE gp_param_settings.paramname <> ALL (ARRAY['config_file'::text, 'data_directory'::text, 'gp_contentid'::text, 'gp_dbid'::text, 'hba_file'::text, 'ident_file'::text, 'port'::text])
GROUP BY gp_param_settings.paramname, gp_param_settings.paramvalue
HAVING count(*) < (( SELECT __gp_number_of_segments.numsegments
FROM gp_toolkit.__gp_number_of_segments))
ORDER BY gp_param_settings.paramname, gp_param_settings.paramvalue, count(*);

Server configuration parameters that are classified as local parameters (meaning each segment gets the parameter value from its own postgresql.conf file), should be set identically on all segments. This view shows local parameter settings that are inconsistent. Parameters that are supposed to have different values (such as port) are not included. This view is accessible to all users.

psdname=>The name of the parameter.
psdvalue=>The value of the parameter.
psdcount=>The number of segments that have this value.

gpadmin=# select * from  gp_toolkit.gp_param_settings_seg_value_diffs;
 psdname | psdvalue | psdcount 
(0 rows)