The DCA is a purpose-built, highly scalable, parallel DW appliance that architecturally integrates database, compute, storage, and network into an enterprise-class, easy-to implement system. The DCA brings in the power of MPP architecture, delivers the fastest data loading capacity and the best price/performance ratio in the industry without the complexity and constraints of proprietary hardware. The DCA can also be set up in a UAP configuration that is capable of managing, storing, and analyzing large volumes of structured and unstructured data.Greenplum UAP includes Greenplum Database, Greenplum HD, and Greenplum Chorus. The DCA is offered in multiple-rack appliance configurations to achieve the maximum flexibility and scalability for organizations faced with terabyte to petabyte scale data opportunities.
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How to collectGreenplum DCA software (ISO) version, Greenplum Database version, and DCA serial number
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This solution uses two of the configuration options available:
• A full-rack DCA with four GPDB modules for GPDB backups
• A full-rack DCA with one GPDB module and three Greenplum HD modules for Greenplum HD and Greenplum Chorus backups

The base architecture of the DCA is designed with scalability and growth in mind. This enables organizations to easily extend their DW/BI capability in a modular way; linear gains in capacity and performance are achieved by expanding. The DCA employs a high-speed Interconnect Bus that is used to provide database-level communication between all servers in the DCA. It is designed to accommodate access for rapid backup and recovery and data load rates (also known as ingest).
Excellent performance is provided by effective use of the combined power of servers, software, network, and storage.

The DCA can be installed and available within 24 hours (or less) of the customer receiving delivery and is ready to use for faster return on investment (ROI).
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The DCA uses cutting-edge industry-standard hardware optimized for data analytics.

                                                                    DCA V2.0
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Modular expansion 
DCA version introduces a modular architecture for configuring and expanding a DCA. A DCA can be built from four server modules. These modules can be Greenplum Database (GPDB), Data Integration Accelerator (DIA), or Hadoop (GPHD).

GPDB modules are available in two models, standard or high capacity. DIA and GPHD modules are available in a single model. A DCA is built on a base of one GPDB
module and can scale to six racks, or 24 modules with additional GPDB, DIA, or HD modules.

Automated Master Server failover
DCA version introduces automated master server failover. When enabled, this feature monitors the primary master server and, in the event of a failure, performs an automated failover to the standby master server. By using a virtual IP address, clients can restart queries without the need for EMC Support interaction with the DCA. This feature requires Greenplum Database or higher.

Greenplum Database health monitoring and additional error codes
DCA version includes new health monitoring to detect issues that occur with Greenplum Database. In addition to enhanced Greenplum Database monitoring, new detailed error codes are included to report low disk space conditions.

Menu-driven DCA management
DCA version includes a utility called dca_setup, which is a command-line interface (CLI) tool for automated DCA setup.

Security hardening
DCA version includes an option to enable a secure mode of operation. Secure mode modifies operating system settings and packages based on Department of Defense DISA STIG guidelines. Secure mode also enables FIPS-140-2-enforced mode of operation for SSH communications.

Hadoop modules
DCA version includes support for Hadoop modules. Hadoop modules can be added to a base Greenplum Database module for a maximum of 24 modules. The
combination of Greenplum Database and Hadoop modules provides the customer with the ability to process structured and unstructured data from one system.
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                                                                                  DCA V1.0
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