Greenplum Master Host Server Specification

Greenplum Database Master Host Configuration on the Greenplum DCA
Master Host Server Specification
Processor: Intel X5680 3.33 GHz (6 core) (Quantity 2)
Memory: DDR3 1333 MHz 48 GB
Dual-port Converged Network Adapter: 2 x 10 Gbps (Quantity 1)
Quad-port Network Adapter: 4 x 1 Gbps (Quantity 1)
RAID controller: Dual channel 6 Gb/s SAS (Quantity 1)
Hard Disks: 600 GB 10 K RPM SAS (one RAID5 volume of 4+1 with 1 hot spare) Master Host Server utilizes the same drives between standard and capacity systems. (Quantity 12)