Known issues in Greenplum Database related to Greenplum DDL/DML( Partitioning) and Utility Statements

posted Jan 25, 2014, 8:55 AM by Sachchida Ojha
1. Issue 17780
ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION inheritance issue. When performing an ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION operation, the resulting parts may not correctly inherit the storage properties of the parent table in cases such as adding a default partition or more complex subpartitioning. This issue can be avoided by explicitly dictating the storage properties during the ADD PARTITION invocation. For leaf partitions that are already afflicted, the issue can be rectified through use of EXCHANGE PARTITION.

2. Issue 18247
TRUNCATE command does not remove rows from a sub-table of a partitioned 
table. If you specify a sub-table of a partitioned table with the TRUNCATE
command, the command does not remove rows from the sub-table and its 
child tables.
Workaround: Use the ALTER TABLE command with the TRUNCATE PARTITION clause to remove rows from the sub-table and its child tables.

3. Issue 21129
SSL is only supported on the master host. It is not supported on segment