Known issues in Greenplum Database related to Greenplum Management Scripts Suite

posted Jan 25, 2014, 8:40 AM by Sachchida Ojha
1. Issue 16067
gpkill does not validate the user input for password_hash_algorithm.  The current behavior shows a success message for any input value. However, the
server configuration parameter value is not updated if the input is invalid. When the user tries to set the value for a session from within psql, it fails with the appropriate
error message.

2. Issue 16267, 15954
gpkill cannot kill processes that are deemed STUCK.
Workaround: Kill the STUCK processes using OS kill.

3. Issue 16269
gpkill should attempt to kill each given pid. gpkill accepts the list of pids but only shows that one of the processes may not be

4. Issue 16278
gpkill shows that it failed to kill the gpload process, but in fact the process was successfully aborted with all the data loaded correctly.

5. Issue 17113
Filespaces are inconsistent when the Greenplum database is down. Filespaces become inconsistent in case of a network failure. Greenplum
recommends that processes such as moving a filespace be done in an environment with an uninterrupted power supply

6. Issue 17334
You may see warning messages that interfere with the operation of management scripts when logging in. Greenplum recommends that you edit the /etc/motd file and add the warning message to it. This will send the messages to are redirected to stdout and not stderr. You must encode these warning messages in UTF-8 format.

7. Issue 17795
Under some circumstances, gppkg on SUSE is unable to correctly interpret error messages returned by rpm. On SUSE, gppkg is unable to operate correctly under circumstances that require a non-trivial interpretation of underlying rpm commands. This includes scenarios that result from overlapping packages, partial installs, and partial uninstalls.

8. Issue 17513
Running more than one gpfilespace command concurrently with itself to move 
either temporary files (--movetempfilespace) or transaction files
(--movetransfilespace) to a new filespace can in some circumstances cause 
OID inconsistencies.
Workaround: Do not run more than one gpfilespace command concurrently with 
itself. If an OID inconsistency is introduced gpfilespace --movetempfilespace or 
gpfilespace --movetransfilespace can be used to revert to the default

9. Issue 12468
gpexpand --rollback fails if an error occurs during expansion such that it leaves the database down.
gpstart also fails as it detects that expansion is in progress and suggests to run gpexpand --rollback which will not work because the database is down.
Workaround: Run gpstart -m to start the master and then run rollback,

10. Issue 18710
Greenplum Management utilities cannot parse IPv6 IP addresses.
Workaround: Always specify IPv6 hostnames rather than IP addresses

11. Issue 16129
gpkill does not run on the Solaris platform. The gpkill utility is using an internal tool called “glider” to introspect processes and glean/archive some relevant information before actually killing processes. In some cases, our invocation of this tool fails to yield the desired introspective information.