How to diagnose Greenplum appliance issue using the 'omreport' tool

posted Nov 7, 2012, 12:00 PM by Sachchida Ojha   [ updated Nov 7, 2012, 12:31 PM ]

omreport storage controller | grep -e "^ID" -e "^Status"
omreport storage pdisk controller=0 | grep -e "^ID" -e "^State"
omreport storage vdisk controller=0 | grep -e "^ID" -e "^State"

You want to see that the Status is OK for the controller and the State is "Online" for all physical and virtual disks.

omreport chassis memory | grep ^Health - Should show OK.
omreport chassis memory | grep -C 1 "Total Installed" | head -3 - Should indicate that 49152 MB are installed.

System Events:

omreport system alertlog - Lists alerts issued.  Review list for anything that's unexpected.
omreport system esmlog - Hardware events logged. Review list for anything that's unexpected.
omreport system postlog - Lists the power on self test log.  Review list for anything that's unexpected. 

Chassis commands:

omreport chassis biossetup  (must be root to run) - Reports all the non-default BIOS settings to validate that Arrow has the BIOS to spec.
omreport chassis firmware - Reports the iDRAC firmware  version.
omreport chassis bios - Reports the server BIOS version.
omreport chassis memory  - Lists the installed memory by board slot.
omreport chassis processors - Lists the installed processors by processor slot.
omreport chassis nics  - Lists the NICs and includes the slot each NIC occupies (embedded, PCIE3, etc.).
omreport chassis slots | more - Lists the expansion slot info.  Look for cards that should be in the list but aren't.
omreport chassis pwrsupplies | grep -e "^Power Supply Redundancy" -e ^Index -e ^Status -e "^Online Status" - Shows the overall status of the power supply redundancy and the status of each individual power supply.
omreport chassis temps -  Lists the temps of various bits.
omreport chassis batteries - Lists the status of the CMOS battery.
omreport chassis volts | grep -e ^Index -e ^Status -e ^Probe - Lists the voltages of the individual parts and whether that's OK.
omconfig chassis leds led=identify flash=on timeout=10 - Flashes the local machine's identity light for 10 seconds. If no timeout is given, sets i to flash permanently.
omconfig chassis leds led=hdfault action=clear - Clears an HD fault light.
omreport chassis fans | grep -e Index -e Status - Lists the status of the fans.
omreport chassis processors | grep -e Index -e Status - Lists the status of the processors.

ipmitool -H [hostname or IP address] -U root -P calvin sel list - Shows the server event list of the host owning the iDRAC named in the -H parameter