What's New in Greenplum DCA V2

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 FULL RAC DCA DCA v1 DCA V2 GPDB Compute DCA V2  GPDB Standard
 Segment Servers 16 16 16
 Total CPU Cores 192 256 256
 Total Memory  768 GB 1024 GB 1024 GB
 Total Number of Drives 192 (3.5'') 384 (2.5'')  384 (2.5'')
 Useable Capacity 36 TB
 600 GB
 36 TB
 300 GB
 108 TB
 900 GB
 Scan rate GB/s 24 48* 48+*
 Data Load Rate TB+/hour 10 20* 20+*

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What’s New: DCA V2 Essentials

Higher Database Performance
Ÿ 66% Scan Rate Increase
Ÿ 60% Load Rate Increase
Ÿ 70% - 140% Concurrency Improvement

Increased Availability
Ÿ No Single Points of Failure
Ÿ Hot Spare Disks

All New Network Switching
Ÿ Upgraded Switching
Ÿ Add Racks Without Reconfiguration


Expanded Hadoop Options 
Ÿ New Pivotal HD Compute Module –
 Compute only, for use with Isilon HDFS
Ÿ Pure Hadoop Appliances

Greater Flexibility
Ÿ Multiple Module Form Factors – 2U and 8U
Ÿ Multiple DIAs Planned

Broader Partner Integration Platforms
Ÿ Lower cost DIA for ETL, Chorus, etc.
Ÿ Large RAM and Large Storage DIAs coming

New SAS Acceleration Options
Ÿ SAS Visual Analytics
Ÿ SAS Grid 
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Certified with Isilon Scale-Out NAS
Ÿ Easier DR and HA for Hadoop HDFS
Ÿ Clustered Files for SAS Grid

Enhanced DCA Software: V2 Features

Upgraded to RedHat 6.2 
Ÿ Enhanced performance via OS tuning
Ÿ Faster provision and cloning
Ÿ Install from USB stick 

Streamlined DCA Setup
Ÿ Simplified DCA setup menu
Ÿ Streamlined system initialization
Ÿ Easier network initiation
Ÿ Streamlined VLAN setup

Default DCA security mode
Ÿ Limited RHEL 6 modules tightens security
Ÿ Simpler and modular security choices

New Hadoop support
Ÿ Preconfigured PHD modules
Foundation for future features

DCA V2 Edition Hardware Changes

Redesigned DCA 
Ÿ New Arista Switches for Interconnect &

Upgraded Modules
Ÿ DB and HD Modules with more cores, RAM,

Ÿ Auto recovery using hot spares & RAID

Ÿ Smaller Lower Cost DIA
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Network Fault Tolerance
Ÿ Bonded Ethernet for Automatic Failover *
Ÿ Transparent to Applications 

Default DCA Security Mode
Ÿ Simpler and modular security choices 

New Hadoop Support
Ÿ Pre-configuration for PHD 

Upgraded Host / Master Nodes
Ÿ More cores, RAM and Disks

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