Customizing greenplum

Following list  describes relevant

Properties                                                                                          Description
session_timeout_minutes=480 (8 hours) Expiration of the access ticket in minutes. Default is 480
instance_poll_interval_minutes= 5 Interval at which the system polls to see that instances  are online. Uses instance owner’s credentials for polling.
delete_unimported_csv_files_interval_hours= 1Interval for deleting files on which work has been abandoned.
delete_unimported_csv_files_after_hours= 1 Time after which a csv file uploaded to Chorus server for import will be deleted, if import has not yet been initiated.
 reindex_search_data_interval_hours= 24  Interval for recrawling the instances.
 sandbox_recommended_size_in_gb= 5  Sandbox related setting, default unit is GB. Note: This value provides a visual indicator that indicates when a workspace's sandbox exceeds the recommended size.
worker_threads= 1  
webserver_threads= 20 
Configuring the thread pool size of webserver and worker
The # of webserver threads determines the maximum
number of simultaneous web requests.
The # of worker threads determines the maximum
number of asynchronous jobs, such as table copying or
importing, that can be run simultaneously.
Each web or worker thread may use its own connection
to the local Postgresql database. Therefore, the sum of
'worker_threads' + 'webserver_threads' must be less
than the 'max_connections' configured in
The 'max_connections' parameter may be based on your
operating system's kernel shared memory size. For
example, on OS X this parameter will default to 20.
 file_download.name_prefix = This optional string is prefixed on all generated filenames. For instance, if a user downloads a dataset, the name of the file downloaded will be the prefix
followed by the dataset name and then the csv extension. Only the first 20 characters of the prefix will be used.
 file_sizes_mb.workfiles= 10 Maximum upload work file size.
 file_sizes_mb.csv_imports= 100 Maximum size for imported files.
 file_sizes_mb.user_icon= 5Maximum size for the user icon.
 file_sizes_mb.workspace_icon= 5 Maximum size for the workspace icon. 
 file_sizes_mb.attachment= 10 Maximum size for file attachments. 
 logging.syslog.enabled= false If true, logs are written to syslog rather than to files.
 oracle.enabled = true Enables use of Oracle databases.
 tableau.enabled= true If false, tableau is disabled even if other tableau parameters are specified. 
 tableau.url= <ip address> URL of tableau server. 
 tableau.port= 80 Tableau server port.
 gnip.enabled= true Enables gnip account.
 gnip.csv_import_max_file_size_mb= 50  Maximum size of chunks of gnip data downloaded. 
 kaggle.enabled= true If false, kaggle is disabled even if other kaggle parameters are specified. 
 kaggle.api_key=<key provided on request>Key to access kaggle.
 default_preview_row_limit =500 Maximum preview rows. 
 execution_timeout_in_minutes= 300 Workfile execution timeout in minutes.
 visualization.overlay_string =This optional string is displayed on all visualizations, both when displaying and when saving. Only the first 40 characters of the prefix will be used.