Enabling LDAP Support

By default, Greenplum Chorus 2.4 manages users through the database. Greenplum Chorus uses the LDAPv3 server, including Active Directory support, to manage and authenticate users. For more information about the LDAP server, see http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2251.txt. 

Enabling LDAP provides the following benefits:
• Adding users to Greenplum Chorus: Once a user is added into Chorus, Chorus maintains a read-only copy of common user information, such as the user’s name
and department.
• Authenticating users with LDAP.

Configuring LDAP
1. Try connecting to your AD or LDAP installation with a separate LDAP exploration tool to ensure that all configuration properties are correct prior to  attempting to configure these in Chorus.

2. Edit the <installation directory>/shared/chorus.properties file to configure LDAP in Chorus.

3. Change the default entries for the following properties, if desired:
ldap.enable= true
ldap.port= 389
ldap.base= DC=greenplum,DC=com
ldap.dn_template= greenplum\{0}
ldap.attribute.uid= sAMAccountName
ldap.attribute.ou= department
ldap.attribute.gn= givenName
ldap.attribute.sn= sn
ldap.attribute.mail= mail
ldap.attribute.title= title

4. Restart the server to complete certificate configuration.
The following table contains a list and description of properties related to LDAP:

LDAP configuration parameters

LDAP Parameters                                      Description
 ldap.enableboolean value to enable or disable ldap. (false by default).
 ldap.hostLDAP server IP or host name.
 ldap.port LDAP server port.
 ldap.baseLDAP base DN.
 ldap.user_dnOptional LDAP credential used to search against LDAP server.
 ldap.password Optional password that corresponds to the chorus.ldap.userDN field.
 ldap.dn_template DN template
 ldap.attribute.uidThis is a required field. For Active Directory, this is often sAMAccountName. This is the LDAP username attribute (“uid'' by default)
 ldap.attribute.ou LDAP attribute name for Organizational Unit or Department (“ou'' by default)
 ldap.attribute.gnLDAP attribute name for First name (“gn'' by default)
 ldap.attribute.sn LDAP attribute name for Last name. (“sn'' by default)
 ldap.attribute.mailLDAP attribute name for e-mail address. (“mail'' by default)
 ldap.attribute.title LDAP attribute name for User’s title. (“title'' by default)