Query Tuning Configuration Parameters in Greenplum

The following parameters control the types of plan operations the query planner has to choose from. Enabling or disabling certain plan operations is a way to force the planner to choose a different plan. These can be useful in testing a query using different plan types to see which plan offers the best performance.
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  1. enable_bitmapscan
  2. enable_groupagg
  3. enable_hashagg
  4. enable_hashjoin
  5. enable_indexscan
  6. enable_mergejoin
  7. enable_nestloop
  8. enable_seqscan
  9. enable_sort
  10. enable_tidscan
  11. gp_enable_adaptive_nestloop
  12. gp_enable_agg_distinct
  13. gp_enable_agg_distinct_pruning
  14. gp_enable_direct_dispatch
  15. gp_enable_fallback_plan
  16. gp_enable_fast_sri
  17. gp_enable_groupext_distinct_gather
  18. gp_enable_groupext_distinct_pruning
  19. gp_enable_multiphase_agg
  20. gp_enable_predicate_propagation
  21. gp_enable_preunique
  22. gp_enable_sequential_window_plans
  23. gp_enable_sort_distinct
  24. gp_enable_sort_limit
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Query Planner Costing Parameters
Warning: Greenplum recommends that you do not adjust these query costing parameters. They have already been tuned to reflect Greenplum Database hardware configurations and typical workloads. All of these parameters are related. Changing one without changing the others can have adverse affects on performance.
  1. cpu_index_tuple_cost
  2. cpu_operator_cost
  3. cpu_tuple_cost
  4. cursor_tuple_fraction
  5. effective_cache_size
  6. gp_motion_cost_per_row
  7. gp_segments_for_planner
  8. random_page_cost
  9. seq_page_cost

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