Greenplum Array Configuration Parameters

The parameters in this section control the configuration of the Greenplum Database array and its various components (segments, master, distributed transaction manager, and interconnect).

Interconnect Configuration Parameters
  1. gp_interconnect_hash_multiplier
  2. gp_interconnect_queue_depth
  3. gp_interconnect_setup_timeout
  4. gp_interconnect_type
  5. gp_max_packet_size
Dispatch Configuration Parameters
  1. gp_cached_segworkers_threshold
  2. gp_connections_per_thread
  3. gp_enable_direct_dispatch
  4. gp_segment_connect_timeout
  5. gp_set_proc_affinity
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Fault Operation Parameters
  1. gp_set_read_only
  2. gp_fts_probe_interval
  3. gp_fts_probe_threadcount
Distributed Transaction Management Parameters
  1. gp_max_local_distributed_cache
Read-Only Parameters
  1. gp_command_count
  2. gp_content
  3. gp_dbid
  4. gp_num_contents_in_cluster
  5. gp_role
  6. gp_session_id
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