Backing up Greenplum Chorus

Make sure that Greenplum Chorus is up when you back up the database. During the backup process, the following backup file is dumped to your backup directory:

greenplum_chorus_backup_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.tar where YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS is a timestamp.

Here is the procedure:

$ cd <chorus install path>

$ source

$ backup [-d dir] [-r days]

-d supplies the directory for the backup. If you do not specify a backup directory, the backup utility creates the default backup directory /data/greenplum-chorus/bak

-r specifies how many days of backup files should be kept in the backup directory. Files more than r days old will be removed. If r is not specified, no files are removed. 

For example, the following command backs up the Greenplum Chorus files to data/greenplum-chorus/daily_bu and deletes backup files that are more than 10 days old. backup -d /data/greenplum-chorus/daily_bu -r 10

Note: Greenplum Chorus logs and indexes are not stored in the backup file. Greenplum recommends you trigger index building after you restore your database.