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Database Administrator Guide: Everyday DBA tasks, from accessing the database to defining database objects, loading, querying, and managing data, extensibility, and performance and tuning. System Administrator Guide: Greenplum Database system configuration, monitoring, maintenance, and system backup and restore. Reference Guide: Greenplum Database reference material, including SQL commands, system catalog reference, server parameters, and environment variables. 

Utility Guide: Management and client utilities, as well as Oracle functions. Installation Guide: Information and instructions for installing and initializing a Greenplum Database system. All the above documentation is available from Powerlink. 

Coming in a later release: 

Developer's Guide

Greenplum Database Concepts Guide 

Security Configuration Guide: Greenplum Database security configuration and security adherence information. 

Troubleshooting wiki

Greenplum Database Release Notes

Official Greenplum Website

DCA Install Guide

Greenplum database community forum

Official Greenplum Support Forum In this forum you will find discussions, answers to frequently asked questions, and documentation. The intention of the Greenplum support forum is to provide a technical community in which customers, and EMC support staff can communicate, and exchange ideas and 

questions regarding Greenplum products.

Greenplum Data Computing Appliance Powerlink > Products > Hardware/Platforms > Greenplum Data Computing Appliance 

EMC Greenplum Support Page Powerlink > Support > By Product > Greenplum

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DCA - Security Configuration Guide

Greenplum Database Install Guide 4.2

Greenplum Performance Monitor 4.1 Admin Guide

Greenplum 4.2 Database Administrator Guide

Greenplum Database 4.2 Documentation

For the latest Greenplum Database documentation go to Powerlink, Greenplum. documentation is provided in PDF format.

Greenplum Database 4.2 Installation Guide 300-013-162 A02

Greenplum Database 4.2 Administrator Guide 300-013-163 A03

Greenplum Database 4.2 Client Tools for UNIX 300-013-190 A01

Greenplum Database 4.2 Client Tools for Windows 300-013-191 A01

Greenplum Database 4.2 Connectivity Tools for UNIX 300-013-192 A01

Greenplum Database 4.2 Connectivity Tools for Windows 300-013-193 A01

Greenplum Database 4.2 Load Tools for UNIX 300-013-194 A01

Greenplum Database 4.2 Load Tools for Windows 300-013-195 A01

Greenplum Database Release Notes N/A A01

Greenplum Command Center 1.2 Administrator Guide 300-012-844 A01

Greenplum Utility guide White Papers

Backup and Recovery of DCA using data domain EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance Enhances EMC IT's Global Data Warehouse

Error Codes

Date/Time Functions and Operators

Uptime Bulletin 

Find us on Powerlink:

Products > Hardware/Platforms >Greenplum > Uptime Bulletins

GreenPlum Useful Scripts Series:- 

You can find all the old series Parts with below links.






Blogs and Other Links

Backup and Recovery of the Pivotal Data Computing Appliance UAP Edition

The white paper: Backup and Recovery of the Pivotal Data Computing Appliance UAP Edition- EMC Data Domain Systems, EMC Data Domain Boost, Pivotal Greenplum Database, Pivotal HD, Pivotal Chorus, Network File System is now available on and Powerlink.



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Configuring The Greenplum DCA and Data Domain for Backup 

Latest Technical Notes document on

This new release of the document covers:

NFS and DDBoost backups, restores and replication

New backup related features in GPDB 4.2.5

IB; NFS incremental backup

MFR; DDBoost managed file replication

V1 and V2 DCA external connectivity configuration