Greenplum Database 4.3 Upgrade Checklist

The minimum supported version to upgrade greenplum database to 4.3 is 4.2.x.x. If your database is lower than this, then you need to first upgrade your Greenplum database to 4.2.x.x and then upgrade to 4.3. 

Upgrade Checklist


Pre-Upgrade Preparation (on your current system running 4.2.x.x)

1. Make sure that 4.2.x.x system is up and available

2. Log in to your master host as the gpadmin user (your Greenplum superuser).

3. (Optional) Run VACUUM on all databases,

4. (Optional) Remove old server log files from pg_log in your master and segment data directories.

5. Check for and recover any failed segments (gpstate, gprecoverseg).

5. Copy or preserve any additional folders or files (such as backup folders).

6. Install the Greenplum Database 4.3 binaries on all Greenplum hosts.

7. Inform all database users of the upgrade and lockout time frame.

Upgrade Execution

Alert : The system will be locked down to all user activity during the upgrade process

1. Backup your current databases.

2. Remove the standby master (gpinitstandby -r).

3. Do a clean shutdown of your current system (gpstop).

4. Update your environment to source the new Greenplum Database 4.3 installation.

5. Run the upgrade utility (gpmigrator_mirror if you have mirrors, gpmigrator if you do not). After the upgrade process finishes successfully, your 4.3 system will be up and running.

Post-Upgrade (on your 4.3 system)

1. Make sure that your 4.2.x.x system is up

2. Reinitialize your standby master host (gpinitstandby).

3. Upgrade gpfdist on all of your ETL hosts.

4. Rebuild any custom modules against your 4.3 installation.

5. Download and install any Greenplum Database extensions.

5. (Optional) Install the latest Command Center Console and update your environment to point to the latest Command Center binaries.

6. Inform all database users of the completed upgrade.

If you are utilizing Data Domain Boost, you have to re-enter your DD Boost credentials after upgrading from Greenplum Database 4.2.x.x to 4.3 as follows: gpcrondump --ddboost-host ddboost_hostname --ddboost-user ddboost_user

Note that if you do not reenter your login credentials after an upgrade, your backup will never start because the Greenplum Database cannot connect to the Data Domain system. You will receive an error advising you to check your login credentials.