Starting and Stopping Greenplum Command Center

Post date: Nov 08, 2012 8:34:30 PM

Starting and Stopping Command Center Agents

Whenever the Greenplum Database server configuration parameter gp_enable_gpperfmon is enabled in the master postgresql.conf file, the Command Center agents will run and collect data. These agents are automatically stopped and started together along with the Greenplum Database instance.

If you wish to disable the Command Center data collection agents, you must disable the gp_enable_gpperfmon parameter, and restart the Greenplum Database instance.

Starting and Stopping Command Center Console

You can start, stop and restart Greenplum Command Center Console instances with the following commands:

$ gpcmdr --start ["instance name"]

$ gpcmdr --stop ["instance name"]

$ gpcmdr --restart ["instance name"]

If you do not specify an instance name, all instances are started, stopped or restarted at once. You can check the status of instances using:

$ gpcmdr --status ["instance name"]