Note:Restores Greenplum databases that were backed up using gp_dump.

The gp_restore utility is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use gpcrondump and gpdbrestore to backup and restore Greenplum databases. 


gp_restore --gp-k=timestamp_key -d database_name [-i] [-v] 

[-a | -s] [-h hostname] [-p port] [-U username] [-W] [--gp-c] 

[--gp-i] [--gp-d=directoryname] [--gp-r=reportfile] [--gp-l=dbid 

[, ...]] 

gp_restore -? | -h | --help

gp_restore --version

[gpadmin@sachi ~]$ gp_restore --help

gp_restore restores a Greenplum Database database from an archive created by gp_dump.


gp_restore [OPTIONS]

General options:

-d, --dbname=NAME output database name

-i, --ignore-version proceed even when server version mismatches

-v, --verbose verbose mode. adds verbose information to the

per segment status files

--help show this help, then exit

--version output version information, then exit

Options controlling the output content:

-a, --data-only restore only the data, no schema

-s, --schema-only restore only the schema, no data

Connection options:

-h, --host=HOSTNAME database server host or socket directory

-p, --port=PORT database server port number

-U, --username=NAME connect as specified database user

-W, --password force password prompt (should happen automatically)

Greenplum Database specific options:

--gp-c use gunzip for in-line de-compression

--gp-d=BACKUPFILEDIR directory where backup files are located

--gp-i ignore error

--gp-k=KEY date time backup key from gp_backup run

--gp-r=REPORTFILEDIR directory where report file is placed

--gp-l=FILELOCATIONS backup files are on (p)rimaries only (default)

or (i)ndividual segdb (must be followed with a list of dbid's

where backups are located. For example: --gp-l=i[10,12,15]

[gpadmin@sachi ~]$


Restore an Greenplum database using backup files created by gp_dump:

gp_restore --gp-k=2005103112453 -d gpdb

Restore a single segment instance only (by noting the dbid of the segment instance):

gp_restore --gp-k=2005103112453 -d gpdb --gp-s=5