Greenplum Database New Features - High Availability

Greenplum extended its commitment to support high availability feature of the Greenplum database in DCA appliance. Starting with GPDB more new enhancements were made. 

Note: For information about high availability and master mirroring, see the Greenplum Database System Administration Guide.

High Availability (4.3)

The Greenplum Database master mirroring feature has been enhanced. With master mirroring, a Greenplum Database backup master or standby master serves as a warm standby if the primary master becomes nonoperational.

A Greenplum Database standby master is created while Greenplum Database is online. Greenplum Database does not need to be offline.

Reboot of the standby master is not required when activating to the standby master to become primary master.

Faster switching when Greenplum Database changes from the current active master to the standby master.

The following changes have been made to Greenplum Database: