Greenplum Database Supported Character Set

The character set support in Greenplum Database allows you to store text in a variety of character sets, including single-byte character sets such as the ISO 8859 series and multiple-byte character sets such as EUC (Extended Unix Code), UTF-8, and Mule internal code. All supported character sets can be used transparently by clients, but a few are not supported for use within the server (that is, as a server-side encoding). The default character set is selected while initializing your Greenplum Database array using gpinitsystem. It can be overridden when you create a database, so you can have multiple databases each with a different character set.

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1. Not all APIs support all the listed character sets. For example, the JDBC driver does not support MULE_INTERNAL, LATIN6, LATIN8, and LATIN10.

2. The SQL_ASCII setting behaves considerably differently from the other settings. Byte values 0-127 are interpreted according to the ASCII standard, while byte values 128-255 are taken as uninterpreted characters. If you are working with any non-ASCII data, it is unwise to use the SQL_ASCII setting as a client encoding. SQL_ASCII is not supported as a server encoding.