Post date: Jan 20, 2014 2:29:18 AM

gpadmin=# \d gp_distributed_log

View "pg_catalog.gp_distributed_log"

Column | Type | Modifiers


segment_id | smallint |

dbid | smallint |

distributed_xid | xid |

distributed_id | text |

status | text |

local_transaction | xid |

View definition:

SELECT l.segment_id, l.dbid, l.distributed_xid, l.distributed_id, l.status, l.local_transaction

FROM gp_distributed_log() l(segment_id smallint, dbid smallint, distributed_xid xid, distributed_id text, status text, local_transaction xid);

The gp_distributed_log view contains status information about distributed transactions and their associated local transactions. A distributed transaction is a transaction that involves modifying data on the segment instances. Greenplum’s distributed transaction manager ensures that the segments stay in synch. This view allows you to see the status of distributed transactions.