Finding distribution key of a table

Post date: Oct 12, 2014 8:49:12 PM

select table_owner,table_name, COALESCE(distribution_keys,'DISTRIBUTED RANDOMLY') distribution_keys



SELECT pgn.nspname as table_owner,

pgc.relname as table_name,

pga.attname as distribution_keys

FROM (SELECT gdp.localoid,


WHEN ( Array_upper(gdp.attrnums, 1) > 0 ) THEN



END AS attnum

FROM gp_distribution_policy gdp

ORDER BY gdp.localoid) AS distrokey

INNER JOIN pg_class AS pgc

ON distrokey.localoid = pgc.oid

INNER JOIN pg_namespace pgn

ON pgc.relnamespace = pgn.oid

LEFT OUTER JOIN pg_attribute pga

ON distrokey.attnum = pga.attnum

AND distrokey.localoid = pga.attrelid

ORDER BY pgn.nspname,

pgc.relname) as a

where upper(a.table_owner)='PUBLIC' and lower(a.table_name)='abc';