Greenplum Database Parallel Backup and Restore Operations - Few Facts

Post date: Feb 02, 2014 9:51:41 PM

a) Few facts about Greenplum Parallel Backup

1. The Greenplum Database parallel dump utility gpcrondump backs up the Greenplum master instance and each active segment instance at the same time. 

2. Master host dump files consist of DDL statements, the Greenplum system catalog tables, and metadata backup files created on the master. 

3. gpcrondump creates one dump file for each segment instance to contain the data for that segment instance. 

4. A unique 14-digit timestamp key identifies the files that comprise a full backup set.

5. The Greenplum gpcrondump utility automates routine backups. 

6. You can call gpcrondump directly or from a scheduled CRON job. 

7. gpcrondump allows you to backup data and database objects such as database roles and server configuration files.

b) Few facts about Greenplum Parallel Restore

1. The Greenplum Database parallel restore utility gpdbrestore takes the timestamp key generated by gpcrondump, validates the backup set, and restores the database objects and data into a distributed database in parallel. 

2. Parallel restore operations require a complete backup set created by gpcrondump, a full backup and any required incremental backups. 

3. The Greenplum Database gpdbrestore utility provides flexibility and verification options for use with the automated backup files produced by gpcrondump or with backup files moved from the Greenplum array to an alternate location. 

4. gpdbrestore can also be used to copy files to the alternate location.