Greenplum Database Training

Training options:  

Option 1: 1 Week onsite - Cost: $3750 (M-F) - Buy Now

Option 2: Learn Greenplum in 2 Weeks (Online classes ) - Cost $3000 - 2 hours daily M-F - (Total 20 hours) - Buy Now 

Other services: 

1. Job Interview preparation - 2 hours - Buy now 

2. On the Job support (as and when required), Email support only, required monthly subscription - maximum 8 hours/month Subscribe now

Introducing 3 hours of introductory online classes -  Covers Greenplum Concepts, Building blocks of Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA), ETL Servers - Data Integration Appliance (DIA) and Basic Networking Components. QA session (1 hour) - Click here to register. (one on one.  only two candidates/day - Weekend only classes!).

Note: We are not affiliated or certified by EMC/Pivotal. 

Course Coverage:

Chapter 1 : Greenplum Concepts

Basics of Data Warehousing/Data Mart

Greenplum Concepts, Features, and Benefits

Greenplum Architecture

Shared Nothing and MPP Implementation

Chapter 2 : Greenplum Database Installation and Initialization

Systems Preparation and Verification

Greenplum Database Initialization

Installing Greenplum on your laptop VM

Chapter 3 : Greenplum Database Tools, Utilities, and Internals

PSQL Client and Greenplum Utilities

Greenplum Performance Monitor

Greenplum Database Server Configuration

Greenplum Database Internals

Chapter 4: Data Modeling and Design

Data Modeling

Physical Design Decisions

Chapter 5 : Defining and Securing the User Database

Data Definition Language

Data Manipulation and Data Query Language

Roles, Privileges, and Resources

Chapter 6, 7 : Data Loading and Distribution

Data Loading

Table Partitioning

Chapter 8 : Database Management and Archiving

Managing the Greenplum Database

Backup and Restores

Chapter 9 : Performance Analysis and Tuning

JOIN Tables

Types and Methods

Database Tuning


Analyzing Queries

Improve Performance with Statistics

Indexing Strategies

Chapter 10 : Developing Reports Using Advanced SQL

Advanced Reporting Using Online Analytic Processing (OLAP)

PostgreSQL Functions

Advanced SQL Topics and Performance Tips

Notice: Greenplum provides a very rich documents on its website. It is recommended to use greenplum official guides for your references and to understand latest features and commands. We provide following on-line books to our readers for side reference purpose only. 

Following eBooks will be available for FREE to our  registered user (Gold Members only).  Books are not yet published.

1. Greenplum Database Utilities - Preview 

2. Greenplum Database Beginners Guide - Preview

A must have book for learning the Greenplum Database.Covers Greenplum Database 4.2.x, DCA V1 and V2, DIA, Data Domain and Chorus

3. Greenplum Database Handbook - Preview 

This book is intended for Sr. Greenplum Database Administrators. Covers DCA V1 and V2, DIA, Data Domain and Chorus

4. Greenplum Database Pocket Reference - Coming soon! 

A must have book for every greenplum developers and DBAs. Includes Greenplum commands and utilities to manage the Greenplum Database System.

5. Greenplum Database Performance Tuning V1 - Coming soon! 

This book is intended for Greenplum database performance engineer. Includes greenplum database best practice.

6. Greenplum database backup and restore V1 - Coming soon!

This book is intended for Greenplum database backup engineer. Includes greenplum database DR solutions.