Greenplum DBA Quick References

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Auditing and reporting: enabling audit log | enable/disable user connection log | audit log views | configuring audit logs

Migrating to Greenplum: Oracle to greenplum | DCA to DCA Transfer of Data 

Greenplum database tools and utilities: gpfdist | gpload | pgadmin3

Greenplum database troubleshooting: connection problem | database locks | long running SQL | resource utilization 

Greenplum database logs: Log locations | reading the log | log parameters | archiving log files

Greenplum database environment building blocksDCA | DIA | Data Domain | Greenplum HD | Command Center 

System Level schemas in Greenplum: information_schema | pg_catalog | gp_toolkit | pg_toast | pg_bitmapindex | pg_aoseg

Greenplum database FAQ:  Greenplum DBA FAQ | Database Users FAQ|Performance Issues FAQ

Greenplum database best practices: Greenplum Database Env - Best PracticesDCA/Greenplum Database Security- Best practice

Managing workload and resources: Enable workload management | Configure workload management | Resource Queues

Greenplum database performance: Query Performance in Greenplum  | Greenplum database optimization - tips and tricks

Configuration Parameters: pg_hba.conf configuration param | View settings of configuration param | Setting Configuration parameter

Managing workload and resources: enable workload management | configure workload management | Resource Queues

Backup and Restore: Backup Greenplum database | Restore Greenplum Database | Backup a single table/schema in Greenplum | Restore a single table/schema in Greenplum 

Data Domain command reference | Greenplum Database Compatibility Matrix

Hostfiles created by the DCA Setup utility 

Configuration files are text files that contain the hostnames of servers that occupy quarter,

half, or full rack configurations. The file used depends on the desired function. See below for a description of each configuration and host file. 

The hostfiles are located at $ /home/gpadmin/gpconfigs

1. gpexpand_map : Expansion MAP file created during the dca_setup option Expand the DCA. It’s purpose is to during GPDB reallocate primary and mirror instances on the new hardware.

2. gpinitsystem_map : MAP file used during installation of GPDB blocks to assign primary and mirror segments to each server.

3. hostfile :  Contains one hostname per server for ALL servers in the system. Includes GPDB, DIA and HD (if present).

4. hostfile_segments : Contains the hostnames of the segment servers of all GPDB blocks.

5. hostfile_gpdb : Contains the hostnames for GPDB servers.

6. hostfile_dia :  Contains the hostnames of the DIA servers.

7. hostfile_hadoop : Contains the hostnames of the Hadoop servers.

8. hostfile_hdm : Contains the hostnames of all Hadoop Master servers.

9. hostfile_hdw : Contains the hostnames of all Hadoop Worker servers.

10. hostfile_hdc : Contains the hostnames of all Hadoop Compute servers.

Default Ports for Customer Networks

Port   Application

22       SSH

5432   The default port number of the Greenplum Database server running on the master host.

28080 Command Center / GP Performance Manager

8080   The default HTTP port for Greenplum Chorus

DCA utilities

1. dca_setup 

2. dca_shutdown

3. dca_check 

4. dca_healthmon_ctl 

5. dca_blinker 

6. gppkg 

Default user names and passwords: 

component       user                    password


Master Servers    BMC root user    For a new unconfigured server: password

                                                      For an existing configured server:sephiroth

                            root                   changeme

                            gpadmin             changeme


Interconnect,      admin                  changeme