Post date: Jan 20, 2014 8:54:25 PM

gpadmin=# \d gp_toolkit.gp_locks_on_resqueue

View "gp_toolkit.gp_locks_on_resqueue"

     Column     |  Type   | Modifiers 


 lorusename     | name    | 

 lorrsqname     | name    | 

 lorlocktype    | text    | 

 lorobjid       | oid     | 

 lortransaction | xid     | 

 lorpid         | integer | 

 lormode        | text    | 

 lorgranted     | boolean | 

 lorwaiting     | boolean | 

View definition:

 SELECT pgsa.usename AS lorusename, pgrq.rsqname AS lorrsqname, pgl.locktype AS lorlocktype, pgl.objid AS lorobjid, pgl.transaction AS lortransaction, AS lorpid, pgl.mode AS lormode, pgl.granted AS lorgranted, pgsa.waiting AS lorwaiting

   FROM pg_stat_activity pgsa

   JOIN pg_locks pgl ON pgsa.procpid =

   JOIN pg_resqueue pgrq ON pgl.objid = pgrq.oid;

lorusename=>Name of the user executing the session.

lorrsqname=>The resource queue name.

lorlocktype=>Type of the lockable object: resource queue

lorobjid=>The ID of the locked transaction.

lortransaction=>The ID of the transaction that is affected by the lock.

lorpid=>The process ID of the transaction that is affected by the lock.

lormode=>The name of the lock mode held or desired by this process.

lorgranted=>Displays whether the lock is granted (true) or not granted (false).

lorwaiting=>Displays whether or not the session is waiting.

This view shows any locks currently being held on a resource queue, and the associated session information about the query associated with the lock. This view is accessible to all users, however non-superusers will only be able to see the locks associated with their own sessions.

gpadmin=# select * from  gp_toolkit.gp_locks_on_resqueue;

 lorusename | lorrsqname | lorlocktype | lorobjid | lortransaction | lorpid | lormode | lorgranted | lorwaiting 


(0 rows)