Post date: Oct 09, 2012 8:30:58 PM

If you have network operations centers, you can monitor your data center equipment using Greenplum Command Center, provided with the DCA. You can also use enterprise management tools that use open protocols such as SNMP. The SNMP management information base  (MIBs) that are available for Greenplum differ  depending on whether you use the Greenplum Database software-only product or the DCA hardware appliance.

The Greenplum Database software supports the standard RDBMS-MIB and NETWORKSERVICES-MIB. You can read more about this in the GPDB Administration Guide. See 

section "Enabling System Alerts and Notifications" – Using SNMP with a Greenplum Database System.

DCA software introduces two new  MIBs: GP-DCA-DATA-MIB and GP-DCATRAP-MIB. These MIBs monitor DCA hardware and are available only to DCA customers. You connect to the agent through the master node to monitor all the servers and network switches. If the master server fails, the agent fails over to the standby master. You can read more about this in the DCA oftware 1.2 Getting Started Guide available on PowerLink. See the section "SNMP on DCA".