Command Center Web Server (lighttpd)Administration

Post date: Nov 08, 2012 8:42:2 PM

The Lighttpd web server and web service middleware are installed in the www directory of your Greenplum Command Center installation. For detailed information on Lighttpd administration, see

Configuring the Web Server

The Lighttpd web server configuration file is stored in $GPPERFMONHOME/instances/instance_name/conf/lighttpd.conf. Some of the parameters in this configuration file are set by the gpcmdr setup utility, including the web server port and SSL options. See “Web Server Parameters (lighttpd.conf)” for a description of the parameters in this file.

You should not need to manually edit this file, if you do, you may break some functionality. Contact EMC Support if you want to make custom modifications to this file.

Viewing and Maintaining Web Server Log Files

Web server access and error logs are written to $GPPERFMONHOME/instances/instance_name/logs. These two logs are:



If you experience errors viewing the Greenplum Command Center Console, refer to these logs for more information.

To prevent web server logs from growing to excessive size, you can set up log file rotation using logrotate or cronolog, both of which are widely used with Lighttpd.