Using gp_toolkit schema view to check Failed Segments

Post date: Jan 21, 2014 3:23:45 PM

gp_toolkit.gp_pgdatabase_invalid view can be used to check failed segments. 

gpadmin=# \d gp_toolkit.gp_pgdatabase_invalid

View "gp_toolkit.gp_pgdatabase_invalid"

Column | Type | Modifiers


pgdbidbid | smallint |

pgdbiisprimary | boolean |

pgdbicontent | smallint |

pgdbivalid | boolean |

pgdbidefinedprimary | boolean |

View definition:

SELECT gp_pgdatabase.dbid AS pgdbidbid, gp_pgdatabase.isprimary AS pgdbiisprimary, gp_pgdatabase.content AS pgdbicontent, gp_pgdatabase.valid AS pgdbivalid, gp_pgdatabase.definedprimary AS pgdbidefinedprimary

FROM gp_pgdatabase

WHERE NOT gp_pgdatabase.valid

ORDER BY gp_pgdatabase.dbid;

This view shows information about segments that are marked as down in the system catalog. This view is accessible to all users.

pgdbidbid=>The segment dbid. Every segment has a unique dbid.

pgdbiisprimary=>Is the segment currently acting as the primary (active) segment? (t or f)

pgdbicontent=>The content id of this segment. A primary and mirror will have the same content id.

pgdbivalid=>Is this segment up and valid? (t or f)

pgdbidefinedprimary=>Was this segment assigned the role of primary at system initialization time? (t or f)