Greenplum database beginners guide

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Beginners Guide


Chapter 1: Installing Greenplum Database System SNE on Fedora, Ubuntu and RHEL Laptop/VM 1-9

Chapter 2: Allowing users to connect to Greenplum Database System 10-13

Chapter 3: Changing Greenplum Database System Configuration Parameters 14-31

Chapter 4: Monitoring Greenplum Database System using gpperfmon database 32-52

Chapter 5: Building the Greenplum Database Environment (Creating Database, Schema, Users and Roles) 53-80

Chapter 6: Creating Greenplum Schema Objects ( Creating Tables, Views, Functions, Types, Rules) 81-100

Chapter 7: Loading data into greenplum 101-105

Chapter 8: Greenplum Database System Catalogs 106-110

Chapter 9: Greenplum Database System Commands and Utility Reference 111-137

Chapter 10: Backup and Restore Greenplum Database 138-148

Chapter 11: Greenplum DBA Frequently Asked Question and Answers 149-200

Chapter 12: Miscellaneous 200-230

a) Do’s and Don’ts

b) Greenplum Oracle Compatibility Functions

c) Greenplum database best practices

d) Greenplum dba routine tasks


Chapter 1 - In this chapter you will learn how to install greenplum single node edition on a fedora/ubuntu/RHEL laptop or on VMs.

Chapter 2: In this chapter you will learn about how to grant access of greenplum database system to new users. You will also see a sample pg_hba.conf file which is used to grant the access.

Chapter 3: In this chapter you will learn about different types of configuration parameters and how to change. A sample postgresql.conf file is also published.

Chapter 4: In this chapter you will learn about greenplum command center database i.e. gpperfmon database. List of tables and views in the gpperfmon database and their structure.

Chapter 5: In this chapter you will learn about how to create greenplum database, schema, database users and roles. 

Chapter 6: In this chapter you will learn about greenplum database schema objects. Create table, view, functions, rules etc.

Chapter 7: In this chapter you will learn steps to load data into greenplum from Oracle. you will also learn about greenplum external tables, greenplum parallel load tools gpfdist, gpload and how to use them.

Chapter 8: In this chapter you will learn about greenplum system catalogs, information schema, gp_toolkit schema. These catalogs contains very useful tables and views vital for routine database management and performance tuning.

Chapter 9: In this chapter you will learn about various command and utilities used by DBAs and developers to manage and develop the database system.

Chapter 10: In this chapter you will learn about various ways to backup and restore greenplum database. How to migrate database from one greenplum database system to another greenplum database system with different configurations. For example migrating database from Full RAC DCA to Half RAC DCA etc.

Chapter 11. In this chapter you will learn about most commonly asked questions and answers when you go for a greenplum DBA jobs. 

Chapter 12: In this chapter you will learn about Greenplum Oracle compatibility functions. Do's and Don'ts, Greenplum database best practices and about greenplum dba routine tasks.

This book is intended for those who wants to learn greenplum database. Requires basic knowledge of Unix and PostgreSQL.  Show your interest in this this book by emailing us at This may be the first greenplum book available in the market.