Incorrect results in restores of data from a backup using gpdbrestore and gp_restore utilities

Post date: Nov 06, 2013 6:37:38 PM

When restoring specific tables from a backup, the Greenplum Database gpdbrestore and gp_restore utilities may restore table definitions and metadata, including constraints, sequences, and indexes, from all data in the backup.

This issue is due to a software defect. As part of the backup process, the gpcrondump and gp_dump utilities create a file containing information and the SQL commands needed to create the database table definitions and metadata. The defect occurs when they attempt to restore specific data from a backup, such as a single table. Unrelated supporting information for all data in the backup may also be restored, resulting in incorrect results in the data.

The fix to address this issue is released in Greenplum Database version With this fix, the gpdbrestore/gp_restore utilities will filter the information so that only the appropriate data will be restored. EMC recommends that customers with Greenplum Database versions through upgrade to version Contact the EMC Support Center or your local EMC representative for assistance and reference this ETA.