Verifies and validates Greenplum Database platform settings.


gpcheck -f hostfile_gpcheck [-m master_host] [-s standy_master_host] [--stdout | --zipout] [--config config_file]

gpcheck --zipin gpcheck_zipfile

gpcheck -?

gpcheck --version


The gpcheck utility determines the platform on which you are running Greenplum Database and validates various platform-specific configuration settings. gpcheck can use a host file or a file previously created with the --zipout option to validate platform settings. At the end of a successful validation process, GPCHECK_NORMAL message displays. If GPCHECK_ERROR displays, one or more validation checks failed. You can use also gpcheck to gather and view platform settings on hosts without running validation checks.

Greenplum recommends that you run gpcheck as root. If you do not run gpcheck as root, the utility displays a warning message and will not be able to validate all configuration settings; Only some of these settings will be validated.


--config config_file

The name of a configuration file to use instead of the default file $GPHOME/etc/gpcheck.cnf (or ~/gpconfigs/gpcheck_dca_config on the EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance). This file specifies the OS-specific checks to run.

-f hostfile_gpcheck

The name of a file that contains a list of hosts that gpcheck uses to validate platform-specific settings. This file should contain a single host name for all hosts in your Greenplum Database system (master, standby master, and segments).

-m master_host

Perform special master host-specific validation tasks on this host.

-s standy_master_host

Perform special standby master host-specific validation tasks on this host.


Display collected host information from gpcheck. No checks or validations are performed.


Save all collected data to a .zip file in the current working directory. gpcheck automatically creates the .zip file and names it gpcheck_timestamp.tar.gz. No checks or validations are performed.

--zipin gpcheck_zipfile

Use this option to decompress and check a .zip file created with the --zipout option. gpcheck performs validation tasks against the file you specify in this option.

-? (help)

Displays the online help.


Displays the version of this utility.


Verify and validate the Greenplum Database platform settings by entering a host file and specifying the master host and the standby master host:

# gpcheck -f hostfile_gpcheck -m mdw -s smdw

Save Greenplum Database platform settings to a zip file:

# gpcheck -f hostfile_gpcheck -m mdw -s smdw --zipout

Verify and validate the Greenplum Database platform settings using a zip file created with the --zipout option:

# gpcheck --zipin gpcheck_timestamp.tar.gz

View collected Greenplum Database platform settings:

# gpcheck -f hostfile_gpcheck -m mdw -s smdw --stdout