Users, Group roles, Group role user mapping, priv granted to a role etc

Post date: Oct 30, 2014 4:59:27 PM

--List databases

select datname,datacl from pg_database;


--List Schemas

select nspname from pg_catalog.pg_namespace;


-- List User Roles

select *  from pg_user;


 -- List Group Roles

select * from pg_group;


-- Group role, user mapping

select b.groname,a.usename from pg_user a, (select


unnest(grolist) as useid

from pg_group pgg

--where groname='readonly'

) as b

where  a.usesysid=b.useid

order by 1,2;


-- Priv granted to group role

select grantee as rolename,privilege_type as priv, table_schema as schemaname,table_name as tabname, grantor as tableowner

from information_schema.role_table_grants where grantee= ' readonly ';

sachi=# select schemaname,viewname from pg_views where viewname like '%priv%'; schemaname | viewname --------------------+---------------------- information_schema | table_privileges information_schema | usage_privileges information_schema | data_type_privileges information_schema | column_privileges information_schema | routine_privileges (5 rows) sachi=#

sachi=# select schemaname,viewname from pg_views where viewname like '%rol%';

     schemaname     |             viewname              


 gp_toolkit         | gp_resq_role

 pg_catalog         | pg_roles

 information_schema | applicable_roles

 information_schema | administrable_role_authorizations

 information_schema | enabled_roles

 information_schema | role_column_grants

 information_schema | role_routine_grants

 information_schema | role_table_grants

 information_schema | role_usage_grants

 gp_toolkit         | gp_roles_assigned

(10 rows)


$pg_dump -s -c sachi |egrep "${SCHEMAS}\..*OWNER TO" >>privilagesddl.sql