Greenplum database (GPDB) AWR report light and advanced version

Post date: Oct 18, 2014 4:6:1 PM

Being Oracle DBA for almost 22 years I understand the importance of AWR report for DBA's. I have seen most Oracle DBA's use this report to understand and tune the bottleneck of Oracle performance. Recently Oracle has added more advanced feature in this report . I started to build similar kind of AWR report in Greenplum. Though it is not even 20% of what Oracle provides but it gives me lots of information that I can use to monitor health of my Greenplum DCA. Here are 11 sections of the Greenplum AWR Report.

1. Section 1: General Information about DCA - DCA Version, DCA Software Version, OS version, DCA hostname, DB Version and similar about the env.

2. Section 2: DCA Heath Check: This section contains information about DCA segments, Utilization , DCA available and used space etc

3. Section 3: List Databases, Schemas, Users and Roles

5. Section 4: Schema Objects report

6. Section 5: Grants and Privilege Report

7. Section 6: Space Monitoring - Database, Schema, Table and Index Sizes including Partitions

8. Section 7: Reports on Locks and Resource Queues

8. Section 8: Database activity - various reports on whats going on into your database

9. Section 9: Database health diagnosis - Includes bloat, missing stats, analyze and high Skew reports

10. Sections 10: Partition details and monitoring

11. Section 11: Miscellaneous Report (customer centric)

Light version does not include Section Section 6, 10 and 11.

In order to enhance this report I need feedback from all like minded people working in Greenplum environment. Any new reports/information that will be useful for Greenplum DBA's and SQL to generate this report (if available) will be highly appreciated.

Send your feedback on with subject line "AWR Report".